Welcome to John’s Workshop

Posted on July 5, 2009
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John is making all of the trim for all of our windows. He’s modeling it on the trim that surrounded one of the two original windows that remained in the monster house.

original trim

One window that Gene didn't get to.

John working on trim

John with the table saw.

Here is a stack of his handiwork.

Trim pieces

Window trim pieces.

And, a partially finished product. This one just needs the top piece. John used primed wood, so that’s why the fronts are white.

window trim

The (almost) end result.

This afternoon, I have lots of sanding to do…More to come next week!

Stair Masters

Posted on July 1, 2009
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For the past week, the crew has been working on the front porch and stairs, and the two landings and stairways leading from the back doors. No more ramps!

Mark, our painter, painted the cement block beneath the porch black, so it wouldn’t show through the skirt boards (and would look like empty space behind). This was our architect’s idea and I think it was a pretty clever one.


Starting the stairs.

Sam and Dan started work in the back on the hottest day of the year so far. Because there are no big trees, our back yard is typically at least ten degrees warmer than everywhere else, so John loaned them our picnic umbrella to provide some shade.

Back stairs

A pair of stairs.

Front porch

Front porch with railing.

Front of house

Front of house, with porch.


Pair of stairs, with railings.