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Posted on June 18, 2009
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Sherwin Williams‘ Refuge (SW 6228). The color is (to my amusement) part of the Haute Couture collection, which, according to Sheri Thompson, Director of Color Marketing and Design, “isn’t for those with a follow-the-lead attitude.” The funny part? It came out in 2005, so we aren’t exactly blazing a bold trail with our color choice. We just thought it was pretty.

(This was the color on the far-right side in the paint samples photo.)

Deciding what to paint the house was a major decision, but we think we chose the right color. It’s a medium blue with a bit of green and gray, and it changes depending on whether the sun is bright or the sky is overcast. The white trim looks very crisp against it.

I think it has both a nautical and historic feel to it, if that makes sense. A couple of neighbors have commented on how much it reminds them of the lake. Santosh, who lives across the street, called it “very Nantucket.” So, we have a Nantucket-y, Greek Revival–inspired farmhouse, I guess. Works for me.

The photos don’t really do it justice, so you’ll just have to visit…

Front of house

Front of house, with first coat and trim painted.

Back of house

Back of house, with first coat and trim painted.


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