Bump in the Road

Posted on June 24, 2009
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For the most part, we have not had too many unexpected expenses, which is unusual for a complete house build. There was one expense, however, that was a real bummer.

Before we could get our permit for the plumbing work, we had to have some major, tear-up-the-street work done. It turns out that, back in the 60s when Gene began his grand remuddling, he never let the city know what he did with the water line from the house to the city’s line. Because it wasn’t recorded, the assumption was that the pipe was lead and, because of that, it needed to be replaced with a copper line.

So, thousands of dollars, and nothing exciting to show for it except some new cement in the road. Oh, well, at least it got people to slow down as they drove past.

Road work

Road work.

Hole in the road

Digging to China.

Dueling cement trucks

Dueling cement trucks.


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